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D&D Photography can export the .OBJ files to your CAD architect within 24 hours of scanning the property which cuts down on lag time.

3D tours are a great way to showcase a finished project. You can even share the tour with your client for use to market the property which will set you apart from your competition, ensuring the client will think of you for future projects.



Matterport Construction Site Scan

Reference photography

3D tours can greatly improve reference photography for Architects and Engineers by allowing you to clearly see the relationship of piping and wiring inside the walls before your crew puts up the drywall. Where traditional photographs may show the location of piping in a bathroom, 3D tours show how the piping in the bathroom ties into the plumbing in the kitchen and throughout the building. This feature will also allow your out-of-town clients to virtually walk the site at the framing stage, making it easier for them to make changes before the drywall goes up.